Weekend Picnic Spot Near Pune

Koyna(Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary) is a part of the beautiful hills at the Sahyadri mountain range. Koyna is an offbeat picnic spot near Pune and is home to many rivers like Koyna and Krishna, whose tributaries flow beautifully amidst the hills.

Located about 195 km from Pune, it is approximately a 3 and a half hours drive amongst the hills.

Koyna, Koyna Wildlife Scantury are great weekend getaway near Pune. This place near Pune in monsoon is engulfed in green hills and innumerable waterfalls. The drive to Koyna Wildlife Scantury through itself is calming with the picturesque view of the splendid valleys and placid Shivsagar lake (Koyna Dam Backwater).

Apart from the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Koyan Dam, Nehru Garden, Ozarde waterfall, Boating in Shivsagar Lake, Ghatmatha, Vasota Fort, Bhairavgad Fort, Shri Ram Temple (Chaphal), Wind Energy Project, Dhareshwar Divshi & Dategad, Konkan are the other places that can be visited..

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Pune - Satara - Koyna (195 Kms)

Pune ----> Satara ----> Koyna